Davis™ Reading Program for Young Learners

Young learners deserve the best start we can give them, and these days more families are interested in programs that give their child a boost in reading and math. Strong research evidence suggests that children who are exposed to Davis methods at pre-reading or primary level (age 5-7) benefit in the following ways:

Davis Reading Program for Young Learners is an individualized learning enhancement program with a licensed and trained Davis Facilitator. Its mission is to give children aged 5-7 the best possible start at the outset of their learning career. Its aims are:

The Davis Reading Program for Young Learners provides important tools to beginning readers. Through the unique partnership philosophy of the program, parents or other family members gain the skills needed to provide the child with ongoing quality support. The typical schedule is 25-30 hours of time with the student; and facilitated over 14 1/2 days and incorporates the Davis methods for focus, attention, and energy control. As with all Davis programs, clay is used to make learning, fun, friendly and fulfilling. Children who are part of the Davis Reading Program for Young Learners get the best possible start to their learning career. At least half or more of the program time will also include the parent or support person participating in helping the child with the new skills and techniques. A family enrolled in Young Learners Program receives a program designed for the needs of their child and family.